Wind Seminar, DARWIN, 7 Sept 2005


  1. Wind Code workshop
  2. Assessment of Ingrid based on observations of structural damage.
  3. Reassessment of meterological evidence.
  4. Photos and and engineer's comments.
  5. Internet photos of Hurricane Katrina

Held at the Engineers Australia office, and attracted 25 designers to the Wind Code Workshop in the morning, and 35 to the open session in the afternoon.

Whilst copies of the presentations are able to be downloaded from this site, the files are very large. E-mail if you would like to recieve a CD instead.

Wind Code (AS1170.2) workshop

Dr John Holmes, one of the authors of the wind code presented this Workshop. The power-point (5.2 MBytes) presentation and worked tutorial examples on a portal frame shed and 50m high chimney are available here.

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Cyclone Ingrid 2005

Assessment of Ingrid based on observations of structural damage

David Henderson of the James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station presented a summary of his study (6.6 MBytes) of Ingrid based on observations of structural damage at Coburg Peninsula and Mingilang, that were:

David recommended:

He concluded:

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Reassessment of meterological evidence

Mike Foley of the Darwin Bureau of Meteorology was involved in forecasting and subsequently reanalysing TC Ingrid. He prepared a detailed report on the event and presented his finding with the aid of a powerpoint presentation (5.6 MBytes). Mike concluded that:

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Photos and and engineer's comments

George Curran, engineer with the NTG presented a cross-section of available pictures from various sources of damage and issues resulting from Ingrid. He concluded:

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Hurricane Katrina 2005

A collection of photos collected at random from the internet were shown at the seminar. Mike Foley made the comparison between Ingrid and Katrina, and concluded they were reported to be of similar wind velocities, but Katrina had a far larger diameter.

Another interesting powerpoint presentation of Katrina damage was also provided there, that was obtained after the seminar.

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